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Our bookish candle shop offers an enchanting selection of book-inspired candles, intricately designed 3D printed dragons, and high-quality RPG tabletop accessories like dice towers, all crafted to elevate your reading, writing, and gaming experiences with the perfect blend of scent, style, and fantasy.


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About Us

As a passionate reader and writer, I found inspiration in the pages of my favourite books and sought to enhance that experience by crafting candles that matched the ambiance of the stories I was reading or writing. Our candles are meticulously designed to evoke the essence of various genres, with a particular fondness for fantasy. Each scent is carefully selected to transport you into the worlds of your favourite tales, making your reading or writing time even more magical.

Our passion for fantasy, especially stories featuring dragons, sparked the idea to venture into 3D printing. Creating little dragon companions to accompany you on your literary journeys adds a unique touch to our offerings. Our 3D printed dragons, along with intricately designed dice towers, are perfect additions for RPG enthusiasts and book lovers alike. We take pride in offering high-quality products that enhance your reading, writing, and gaming experiences, making each moment a memorable adventure. Thank you for joining us on this enchanting journey where books, candles, dragons, and creativity blend seamlessly.

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Explore our best sellers, including top-rated bookish candles, stunning 3D printed dragons, book nooks, and dice towers, perfect for RPG enthusiasts.

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    incredible as always! I really recommend this shop, the candles are always packaged really well and smell so good! They last a long time as well and you can do so much with the jars after you have used them.

    Asked Cheree if she could make another dragon just like the one in the photo. She got pretty close. The leaves have a bit more gold to them but it means that the flowers are completely pink with hints of purple on the tallest petals. Just beautiful. Thank you so much. :)

    As I have come to anticipate, Cheree provided exceptional customer service and top quality products once again. The only drawback to buying candles from this store, is the fact that every candle is so wonderfully crafted, that each one received makes you want to come back for more. 😅 Thank you so much, for yet another box of sensory pleasures, that were packaged with care and all the extra touches to make each delivery all the more special. 😊

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